The Universal SunMount (USM): The Flat Roof Mounting system

The Solion SunMount product is a unique solar mounting system designed especially for flat roof buildings.

The SunMount is a patented product, created to solve many problems associated with PV installation on flat roofs. The shape of the SunMount is designed to be well streamlined to reduce the separation of air layers and maximize pressure recovery along the surface, in order to produce low lift and drag forces.

  • The lowest Coefficient of lift of any mounting system in the world:
    Wind tunnel study for the coefficient of lift at BRE confirmed that the USM generate suction from all direction at high wind as well as a high speed wind tunnel test of 110Mph.
  • 12 years of field service since 2002: The SunMount has been installed all over the world in the most of challenging places from wind loading point of view.
  • Light Weight: The SunMount weigh 10kg and it has a roof loading of 10kg/m2 (including PV panel).
  • Ballasting: Light weight ballast placed at corners and edges units only reducing cost of ballast and labour significantly, unlike other mounting systems which place their ballast across the whole array.
  • Roof Planner Excel File: Simple Excel program which allows you to draw the shape of the PV array easily and calculate the ballasting and generate a components list of the system.
  • Easy to install: A semi assembled product means a 1kWP system can be installed by one person in less than 10 minutes, saving on labour cost.
  • Modular construction: wedged shape modular mounting unit, which can be interlocked with other units to form an integrated solar array of any shape or size.
  • 10 degrees optimum tilt angle for European climate: 100 for best ratio of power generation to surface area exploitation for European climate (i.e. gives a higher PV packing density of 23% over 30o tilt PV panel tilt).

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